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College Application Whisperer


Your student has approximately three sentences to catch the attention of a beleaguered, glassy-eyed admissions screener. Selecting those sentences is an art, a science, and to a certain extent, Hogwarts-grade witchcraft. And to put it one way: I know the incantation.


Even in good schools -- heck, even in very focused college prep schools -- kids get a lot of sincerely terrible advice on how to present themselves. To make matters worse, they have seldom (sometimes never) been given permission to write about themselves in the first person. It terrifies most of them. Add in the COVID19 pandemic and its destructive force on education and the equation becomes even tougher and more inelegant: GPAs are down a Lewis Carroll-worthy rabbit hole, Community service, Performing Arts and team sports went sideways, and more and more schools aredisavowing standardized tests. SO what's left?


Your personal statement, that's what. Essays will be everything for the class of 2022.


I am an award-winning essayist and poet and, since I am essentially a large, wrinkly teenager in my own right, I get what they're going through. I know how to help your student find his / her / their true voice and hone it like a by-God VS1 diamond. I cost less than your therapist, and I might just prevent you from needing one. Your student's work will be 100% their own, and I can even guarantee it will not be the most stressful part of the process.


Even in the craziness of the pandemic, 2021 students who worked with me largely got into first choice schools. Students who have worked with me have bagged yesses from (among many, many others) UC Berkeley, Princeton, Vanderbilt, Bennington, Mount Holyoke, Skidmore, Wesleyan, Sarah Lawrence, Harvey Mudd, Berklee College of Music, Pomona, Cal Poly, UC Davis, Northeastern, Boston University, Temple, Drexel, Willamette, Lewis and Clark, and the universities of Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, Texas, Florida, Utah, Rhode Island and Delaware.


What's more, these people were offered a cumulative total of more than $600,000.00 in unsolicited merit awards and scholarships.


I do also work with graduate school applicants (Many successful Law, MBA and Masters of Science acceptances for the coming fall). ESL issues? Not a problem. IEP? Usually not a problem (if your student has a difference or disability I am not equipped to handle I will be upfront about it; let's talk). I don't "get your kid into college;" they do that on their own. I do guarantee they will feel happy and confident about their applications and will show up as their most authentic, best selves on the page.

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